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Righty folks, well the flight was not bad at all, I actually quite enjoyed it, films galore, have introduced myself to an idiot abroad, highly amused me. After my epic flight and not sleeping on the last few planes I felt ok or so I thought. Catching a shuttle from airport by someone who clearly was was an 80's throw back, mum her haircut was similar to yours and kevin keegans when I was born.... Big and curly :) I arrived at the jailhouse accommodation and it was literally an old restored jail! Was very clean and having a single room on first night was an error as I had a mammoth sleep :-/ unintentionally ... Whoops. So got up in good time the next day, sun was shining so got on my shorts and boob tube to start the tan, well I can only say I was pink by end of day no hint of brown involved :( gutted. Christchurch was beautiful I loved the fact you were in a built up area and then look into horizon and see mountains, the gardens were immense and plenty of them. The actual city was obviously quite alot in rumbles still which was quite humbling but also a tiny bit felt like a ghost town. All boarded up and lots of scaffolding. I had a very quiet time in Christchurch but managed to catch up with my sleep. Plus shamefully got sunburnt shoulders and back .... Whoops on day 1. I then joined the bus on Sunday morning :) we went to kaikoura the scenery is immense so stunning, the sea is so blue then in the distance you can see the snowcapped mountains. Breathtaking :) plucked up the courage to swim with dolphins but it got cancelled due to being too windy, was quite upset as was looking forward to it. Ended up cooking a very English dinner of fish fingers, chips and beans that I made with friends I made on bus and got some beers in. Nice relaxing evening! Now on the way to next stop, stopped to see waterfall and seals en route, now having lunch in a vine yard. Heaven :)
Update soon,
Cook xxxxxx
Ps happy 3rd birthday to Harry .... Love you xxx

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Right, first blog entry and I haven't a clue what I write it how much! Hehe we all know how much I love to talk so ill try not to run on! Already found myself talking to myself! Ohhh the shame! People aren't gonna be ready for the cook experience! Well I'm now at airport. All checked in and raring to go .... :) waiting for the gate to open .... Come on I wanna go now! I stop a Singapore, Sydney and finally Christchurch, thankfully I don't need to be reunited with my big rucksack until Christchurch, putting that on my back is a mission enough, shuv kindly said I looked like a turtle!! Haha well spose I am kinda a turtle for next few months.... Home on my back and all that! I have already updated my make up in departures toilets (i know im vain... but my skin is not flawless but hopefully will be tanned soon) and charged my phone twice .... God bless these random power points, a smart phones life is rubbish! Well best me off, ill update on my arrival. If I don't get stopped to ask where my parents are as I look like a youth!! :)
Lots of loving,
Cook xxx

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